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Who Am I?

Be warned, a long wall of text is coming. If you'd like to know my story more, then here it is, have fun; in the end, I'll hope to have inspired you!

The current version of this introductory is the result of what's been inside of me during an afternoon of building this website, there is a lot more, so I'll definitely current and extend it in the future, but for now, I gotta finish the rest of the website.


Hi there and welcome to my self introductory section, my name is Péter and I’m originally from Debrecen, Hungary, just turned 25 a few weeks ago.

Most people call this part of their lives a “quoter life crisis” well, I’d much rather and happily say, it’s like 1/6 of a lifetime, and it doesn’t have to be a crisis at all, however, I gotta say I felt that this is quite the milestone in terms of years, and needed to rethink a lot of things. I didn’t need to invent anything now at this time, nor did I have to a few years ago either when I started my raw food journey but the fact that we human beings have forgotten the way of nature, natural food, just the simple things in life, and most importantly of all: being grateful for any teeny-tiny daily emotion, feeling, or even material things.

Today we are simply not providing our bodies with the actual need building blocks that it needs to thrive, to grow, thanks to science we should live longer than ever, however, just look around you, look outside the window, go out into the streets of your city, I’m not lying that 9/10 people are full of stress, deteriorating bodies, you can just feel it, sometimes don’t even have to see, anyways it shouts for a huge WAKEUP CALL to everyone! – But it’s my story on this page, so let’s get into it!

early few years ~14

I often refer my first 0 till 14 years as “nothing much happened”, or like “there was nothing worth mentioning”, and to be honest there really wasn’t, of course, it’s a bit of an exaggeration, I went to kindergarten, to primary school, and then to high school, that’s it nothing too-too crazy stuff, let me try however to dig up some memories from those times, I played handball and football in school, loved them even very much, I was always the “youngest and the tallest” kid, quite the funny story, cause since I went to kindergarten only for 3 years, unlike the rest who’d stay for one more year, so yea, here I was, permanently surrounded with 1 year older ones. This didn’t mean much, however, prolly a lil’ surprised faces when the teachers were saying our birth years, but other than that, I was the best in my class till 4th grade.
Let’s talk about my parents as well before we move on in my ‘timeline’, since this leads quite to my connection with being a ‘food’ content creation, besides my other interests.
So my parents did not eat meat, which back in the days like 40-50 years ago was like being a hardcore ‘vegan’ these days, my father has discovered the millions of negative effects of meat a long time ago, and has never eaten such a thing ever since, but despite him and my mother not eating meat they did not know much about food science and proper nutrition, and just in general in these topics, so, unfortunately, they had let me get caught up in ‘modern-day’ society which was seen in the kindergarten 1st and then between the walls of the school, as a 7-8 years old, who knows not much of anything, and is being surrounded by 30 of his mates eating meats I guess anyone would think that this is normal and so in short my parent had let it… We will get back to the food soon of course since it is being the main theme of my work and this website, but for now, in short, I’ve been on a ‘standard diet’ of like eating everything till I was 22ish or so… more on that later.
So what happened after the 4grade? The 5th… started having some struggles in school as having moved into, as they call it here in Hungary “upper class” of the elementary school, my grades started being average in a subject which I did not care much for, having barely made some classes… must have been due to the fact that I got my first computer and started getting into video games of that time. It was called ‘Company of Heroes’ my first game which I have put years in, it’s a real-time strategy game for those who aren’t familiar much with games, this is where I first started speaking to foreign people, started making friends and so on, I love strategy games, first-person shooters and so on have never really been my genre, after that on July 27, 2010 StarCraft 2 release which was again a big milestone in my gaming career, I spent 1.5 years actively playing it, however, these kinds of strategy games are and have been focused around competitive 1v1 plays and I found much more enjoyable working in teams, playing 2v2’s, 3v3’s and 4v4’s where I could communicate to my teammates, the takeaways here is that I did not want to feel alone, which I did when I played 1v1’s. StarCraft 2 has been around in my life ever since, even to this day, I actively watch GSL and the major tournaments, one of my big dream is to get to Seoul, Korea watching a GSL season, what an amazing trip it’s going to be soon!
So I guess I’ve never really made much friends in school, had 1-2, so I was fine more or less…, let’s say I was getting by…, this must have been the reason I was always looking for multiplayer game online and MMORPG games, which leads to the next huge segment of my ‘gaming life’: Elder Scrolls Online, the game realised on April 4, 2014, which if we take a look back in the calendar was a Friday, and the game was releasing in the European megaserves in the early morning hours, so I tricked my parents to not having school that day, I literally fell in love with the game, the caracter design, the realistic look, the graphics which at that time was out of this world for an MMO, I met countless hungarian and foreign friends there, and I’ve even met many in real life, super awesome peope every single one of them, I’ve put in all the effort and all the hard work into that game, I became the best of the best on the server at times, however as many of you could relate this who are in gaming industry: the devs simply never understood the 1% hardcore segment of players, and never really favoured us with the patches and any other upcoming updates, so over time I got p*ssed at the game, that they had taken away all the fun, all the combat elements which required actual skill, and so on…
Forgot to mention before ESO there was also World of Tanks in essense the same story as with ESO from the emotional part, I used to read the technical description of many 2nd world war tanks, and that game got pretty close to me, this is where I started my first real attempt with youtube videos, recording and commentating my best matches, also educational content, these videos are still available on youtube if you look up my older content you can still find them, quite emotional to watch them back; this whole commentary thing started from StarCraft, I was 14 years old, with a mediocre computer and wanted to make videos, wanted to be famous, wanted to do it the way others were doing, but under my terms, I actually made 300+ StarCraft 2 videos, which I have deleted every since, that part of me is over, the end of the story was that I could not produce the videos in the quality I’d have liked to, simply because I did not have the hardware for it, my parents never had much money in those day, and what can a 14 years old boy do? I guess I could have and should have gone looking for any side/summer job, but at a time I was a completely different person, if I could go back in time with a message it’d be that: don’t goddamn give up your dreams and work hard for them, or in a way it was probably my destiny never to become a professional video game commentator because if I did, I more than 100% sure wouldn’t be here today talking about health. I actually started having my first success with my World of Tanks videos, because I was actually that good at the game, I was an admin of a 7000+ Facebook group of the game, so every time I made a new video I could just pin it as a top post to attract their attention, and yes these videos were truly quality, authentic, I loved making them, this time I was starting my Uni years, I remember rushing home from a class just to record a 5 minute long gameplay, start rendering and then go to the next class, quite fascinating isn’t it… I reached over 1.000 subscribers on youtube quite quickly, but then again same story, my computer was that bad that I couldn’t make even smooth 30 fps videos, sometimes I’d record the gameplay at 1/2 speed, and speed it up 2x so I could produce smooth 60 fps videos for youtube… anyways I felt like I cannot do this anymore with all the stress coming from the game, knowing that I could do it, but not having the environment for it, not just from hardware-side, but in real life circumstances too because I’d actually have needed a proper studio for it, and living with my parents and with my grandmother wasn’t really an optimal place for that… I got burnt out…
Let’s return to the health side of my timeline, I was always fat back in those days, there is no other way to put it, so part of the reason most of the kids didn’t like me, never had much success with girls either, little did I know of them especially at my primary and high school years…
I don’t even know when, but I got many allergies, prolly by the time I was 7-8 years old, and since then August and September months were always a nightmare to me, literally barely breathing, every night my nostrils being full of slime, struggling to sleep, and so on… I didn’t know what to do, how to fix it, I didn’t understand my body, I was always thinking why is my body so stupid that I clog up my own nose… so yea… up until I discovered raw food this was the case…
My father would always make milk with cacao for breakfast with some baked goods, brunch would be some brown whole grain bread which my mom prepared to the school, lunch would be prolly some pasta in the school cafeteria with chicken, afternoon probably some desserts, and again dinner was always a sandwich which I made, no wonder my body became a trash cad, gluten in every single meal 5 times a day, very high glycemic carbs, processed foods left and right, meat and dairy…
But despite this junk food, which I call junk now I thought that this was healthy, you know eating brown bread instead of white, whole grain pasta, and so on, my mother, whom I don’t blame for it, these are only the facts, thought that this was healthy and she wanted to make me good, of course, as every mother would. So quite surprisingly, not counting those 2 months I was in perfect health I never missed a day in school, I was so proud of that seeing the 0 at the end of the year, while the rest of the guys were sick left and right every 2nd week in the influenza season, I guess my mother’s healthy choices helped a bit, but yea… those 2 months at the end of every summer were a pure living hell
So I finished high school being in grades surprisingly even quite good, my fave subject was history and it’s teacher, I loved her, she always gave us the insight deeper than the official history, as since probably everyone knows or has heard of the saying that: “Winners write the history”, so she told the other side as well. I’ve learned a lot from my father in this regard as well, his mission in this lifetime on earth is to discover the whole true truth, which he’s been doing for 40 years now, there not a subject on this planet that if you asked of him, he wouldn’t be able to tell a day-long speech about. I will make videos with him in the future if wants to, of course, his knowledge is like no one else’s I strongly believe in that. Never having money, but being intellectually rich is thousand times more valuable. It’s easy to say now of course, but back in the days when I couldn’t understand all this and seeing what I ‘needed’ was quite hard… anyways this was needed to become who I am today…
So I finished high school and went on the university studying computer science engineering, tech was and to this point is still quite close to me, love building computers, despite, AGAIN(!), knowing that any technology that is presented to us humans has been obsolete for at least had a century… we all should have free energy, flying cars, natural light, fresh air, love and peace everywhere on the planet, everything is invented, if only we weren’t shackled by the top 0.0000000001%…
But let’s continue with my story, at university I felt like I was way out of my league, I wasn’t even 18 when I started my 1st semester, but even before that there is this inauguration party at every university for the 1st-year-students, and like everyone, I got an invitation letter to that. And as naive and knowing nothing about it I persuaded my grandma’ to give me some money to be able to go there… Little did I know that its whole point was to drink and f*ck, well yes, again, being an insecure fat kid I, of course, did not enjoy even a minute of it, I was hell; me an alcohol is another topic, in short, I could COUNT ON ONE HAND HOW MANY TIMES I DRANK ANY ACHOLIC BEVERAGE, and since in the recent years actually knowing the science and more details being what actually alcohol does to the body, my only accepted alcohol consumption is a big fat 0, no human being should drink a drop of alcohol, it’s pointless, alcohol messes up the polarity of the red blood cells, thus they stick together, therefor clogging up the arteries, and where are the tiniest blood vessels in the body? Of course in the brain where the red blood cells go one by one after one another like little ducklings and if those stick together, no more nutrient can get to your brain cells, the brain cells die within minutes and the next day you literally p*ss of your brain, being dumber and dumber every day, even doing the autopsy of old acholic people and cutting open the skill it’s noticeably visible that how smaller their brain is… Anyways that about alcohol, I’m sure I’ll make long detailed videos and articles about it in the future, but that is it for now… So where was I? At the beginning of my University years, so having gotten through this ‘trauma’ I think, also by the way this was the 1st time I got forced to listen to music that loud that my hearing couldn’t restore to normal for 3 days after, I’ve no clue how some people do it going to these parties every day… I guess they get used to it… whatever…
So I thought this is where I wanna be, I came here to study, and so on… also btw at the end of high school everyone is forcing the kids to choose a university, otherwise, you are labeled as a ‘dumb f*ck’ who doesn’t go to uni, and well, of course, I didn’t know any better I choose one which I thought was gonna fit me, I loved computers, I loved programming and so on… but no one told me how university actually works
In my opinion, you need some money, even very little, to be able to fit into those communities of students, who are going to the uni to party every weekend, basically do anything but study, in my school years I was many times so ashamed of myself not having even a few more clothes, simple shirts to rotate around the days, it was always stress to me like ‘what are the others gonna think of me seeing the same clothes every day, well yea I were nowhere close to self-development and such topics back in the days… so yea same with the university, I didn’t even have a basic cell phone, which was quite like a must-have for every student back in those days… one I had was so old I was always keeping it my bag…
So anyway now we can talk about the teachers… Oh my god… this part would worth a book, 9/10 teachers have no clue what teaching is, I’d send them all to a course of learning how to learn and study, so robotic, so dogmatic, materialist, uninteresting, like if a dead corpse were talking to you for 2 hours and you should take it all in… Guess what the few teachers who were more passionate and could show some light at the end of the tunnel, and just, in general, knew how to make you interested, at them I passed my exams, but I couldn’t care less for the other… I couldn’t be forced to learn 300 page long logical expressions and if you made one character mistake (quite literally) you failed… this was like a pathetic joke to me, so I put uni aside for a semester and thought to myself what the f*ck has just happened here… you know also the fact that you are going to the uni every day, spending 8 hours there, like an adult with a job, not getting paid anything, AND(!) they expect you to study at home as well, like no thank you, go f*ck yourself, I’ve better things to do in life… Which at the time was making World of Tanks videos and ESO later on
The same year repeated itself I started again in September, same sh*t, and then I quit forever. I might go back to university in the future, but now knowing this, first, I’ll be prudent of my choices, and will make sure I love what I’m being thought, we will see, anyways… After the university I went on studying a profession/craft of being a system administrator, the teachers were much better here in the 1st year of this course, I actually loved it, and have learned a lot, but by the 2nd year, the best teachers have left the school as the saying goes: “Those who get it, does it; and those who don’t, teaches it” and I was also kinda heartbroken after having felt what it’s like to love someone else, so like the combo of being rejected and the quality of teachers dropping there was no point finishing that school either, I had 0 motivation to wake up and go thru the whole city every morning… Instead, we were probably doing dungeons and trials in Elder Scrolls Online, good old days… there were days in my life I’ve not heard Hungarian words, one of the big takeaways of my gaming career that I became perfect in English, or at least really good, also in those years have studies a lot of german grammar, which is very much my passion. So yea… Dropped out of that school as well, and didn’t do much in real life publically for half a year or so until it was: 2018 Aug 20, remembering this day crystal clear as it is a national holiday here and this was the day I first talked to my girl, my big love back then, funny enough we met through Elder Scrolls Online, via a Facebook group it had, and well if I see a red hair I cannot unsee it, I guess I just really love this about woman, it was a distant photo of her but I still could clearly spot it. Anyways we have talked every day for 3 months, met in real life as well, but in short ‘nope’, took me another 3 months to recover emotionally, it’s been a huge part of my self-development and growth, I’ve learned a lot from her tho, and I am forever grateful for that, no wonder the attraction didn’t come from her, I was in my all-time worst physical shape during that time in ’18 Aug, ( I was 130+ kg / 290 lbs and my best shape last year was 83 kg 190 lbs ) it’s has quite a nice ring to it that I lost 50 kg or a 100 pounds for the Americans, so yea… what happened after? Got my 1st real job where I’ve worked for 2 years, finally had some money to actually buy the things I always wanted, make nice food, and so on… 1st year of me working at this company was super awesome, the salary was almost double of an average in my city, but I still managed to zero myself out at the end of every month.
So now finally having some money I got a personal trainer, so I’ve been lifting weights for more than 2 years now, I’ve never set foot in a gym before, it was all new for me, but I did it, started getting in better shape and so on…
The huge awakening started here.
During a night shift one of my dear colleague, to whom I’m forever grateful for showing me a video of Markus interviewing Dr. Nun Amen-Ra. At the time I didn’t think much about it, I watched it, it was ‘fine’, and said alright, and went on with my life.
I also hated the fact that I could never save money on food cause as the paycheck came month by month I also invented a new ‘diet’ a new way of cooking at home, different ingredients, what’s bad for the body, what’s good, and so on…
My process was like this: Standard everyday junk eater > Standard ‘healthier’ fitness eater > Vegetarian – When seeing the popular move called ‘Game Changers’ I immediately got convinced that meat is a useless substance in the human body in every possible way, I guess I’ve always known thanks to my father that meat is bad for me, but I needed a bit of external push to finally make it happen. Then I switch to Raw Veganism – I skipped the Standard Vegan, or the Standard everyday junk vegan, btw an average vegan is way-way more unhealthy than an average omnivorous person. Push towards dropping every cooked food overnight was:
During another night shift, I was thinking to myself “How could I be more productive?” As there is not much work in the night, and I remembered that video my colleague sent me half a year ago, and I had watched it again, looked up Markus’ work, read his whole book ‘heal yourself 101’ watch most if not all his videos, started researching in this topic for nearly a year, and well ofc even today, the journey never ends, it only gets better. So when started reading his book, must have been 1 day after watching that video again I immediately stopped eating anything cooked, I had no clue how to do, or what to eat that actually tastes good as well, but in prolly a month time I got the basics figured out and never went back to any other ‘diet’ – I don’t like the word diet, ’cause it’s a lifestyle and a truly healthy one.
So as in everything in my life, I wanted to be the best, as in my games before, so I wanted to be the best in raw veganism, I took approx. a year until I got comfortable with my knowledge and started sharing it with the world, at first I started with posting a Japanese green tea on my Facebook/Instagram page (btw Instagram was so foreign to me, I’ve never used it, despite it being there for a year now, I just never used, it was not the platform in my circles, so anyways this was my 1st time using Instagram, 6 months ago or so) and then started regularly posting my recipes, mostly, started promoting my Instagram page as well in the vegan communities and ever since I’m steadily building up my followership and providing value for you guys.
The fact that my boss got mad at me that I posted a recipe during work hours pissed me off, like f*ck off, if I can manage my time well to do the work and do my own stuff then let me… I didn’t care that I don’t have anything, I didn’t care that my finances were worst than ever, debt, whatnot, you name it. I said enough and resigned. these were also home office time – * I will not name that negative thing that everyone talks about * – and then at one day everything came together, my job wasn’t compatible with my new life anymore, mostly due to the shifts, it’s super important to be on the sun, so sleep the most optimally possible, to have a balanced daily routine and so on, so the tipping point was that on one beautiful sunny morning I planned what I wanted to achieve on that day, and due to work being so f*cked up on that day I finished the day with big fat 0, NOTHING, I couldn’t do sh*t, so I said, no this can not continue like this anymore, I now know what I want to do, I FINALLY KNOW WHAT MY LIFE’S PURPOSE IS, and I wanna do everything in my power to achieve those, to make myself and starting the chain reaction by me, making this world and universe a living paradise!
… To be continued, and to be fixed and added here and there, I talk about either of these topics for days… this was just me summing my intro in a quick 2 hours time…

However, this is only all my experience in this lifetime, not as important as compared to our infinite consciousness in the universe!

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