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Here you'll find all my freely shared wrap recipes in coronologial order.


🌱 Chickpea Chia Wrap 🌮

Who’d put🍍in their 🌯? – Well I did 😆 and gotta say turned out marvelous 💖 – Also the pineapple will give us some more protein digestive enzymes

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raw bread nr5

🌱 Raw Wrap Nr.5 🌮

Made our of corn this time, and ofc 🥑 also debuting my home grown microgreens 💜🌱 – – Didn’t turn out to be prefect, but still looks somewhat

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raw wrap 3

🌱 Raw Wrap Nr.3 🌮

w/ Lots of sprouts this time and Cheese 🧀 – Also may I add I managed to make the best tasting Cheese🧀 today, you must try experimenting with these

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