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"I listed the ingredients, to which Gábor's uncle said: "What has so many delicious ingredients, can only be good"
Mónika Petró-Váradi

Would you like an Avocado🥑 Toast that didn’t have gluten, any added chemicals, was full of 🌱living enzymes and vitamins waiting to uplift your body and mind? – if the answer is a resounding YES, then look no further!

Learn how to always make the perfect 🌱Raw Bread🍞!

In this guide, you’ll find the general principles of having the ingredients done right, how to use the blender for it, in what order to add the ingredients, how to pour the mass onto the dehydrator sheet, the thickness matters a lot here too, just like at my wraps, all the equipment you need, and how to substitute certain things, and so on…

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  • Basic Ingredients
  • Small Shopping List, even if you are on a super tight budget you can make it!
  • If fancy, “the sky is the limit”, of the Ingredient Combinations, you’ll find my best practices, of what works and doesn’t, what other super healthy ingredients you should be on the lookout for.
  • Exact Measurements in US Cups and in Grams per serving.
  • Types of equipment that you need, or if you didn’t have anything, just the most basic ones found in the standard kitchens then how I do and work around it.
  • List of Spices to make any flavor come truly out.
  • Optional Ingredients if you wanted the maximum health benefits, no matter what kind of food you eat, to always have EVERYTHING that the body needs!
  • Dehydration times.
  • When to flip the bread in the dehydrator.
  • My best topping ideas and possibilities are endless here, but there are some good basic principles to keep in mind to have a good texture.

And so much more… This is a small piece of the puzzle!



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