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You knew for a long time that smoothies are the healthiest💚 food on earth, tried it, but haven’t lived up to your expectation? The taste was off, neither the texture nor consistency was acceptable?

If your answer is yes, then look no further, in this guide you’ll learn how to always make the Perfect Smoothie🥤

In this guide, you’ll find the major Ingredient groups discussed back and forth, which are needed for a perfect smoothie: Leafy Greens🌱 | Fruits🍑 | Plant-Based Milk🥛 Recipes | Sweeteners🍎 | Nuts & Seeds🥜 | Powders and Algae | Fruit🍌 Combination guide

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  • Major Ingredient groups discussed in detail – From now on you’ll always know what to choose from to always make that perfect smoothie🥤
  • My fave Leafy Greens🌱 – Substitutes for them, long list of what works, what to be careful of taste-wise
  • Best practice Fruits🍑 used in my smoothies – list of berries, if you like to go #lowcarb
  • Liquids to use – Plant-Based Milk🥛 Recipes and the basic idea to always make even better at home compared to the storebought (100x more nutritious btw)
  • Which Sweeteners🍎 to use – Zero kcal healthy options, and whole-foods
  • Nuts & Seeds🥜 in details – How to amp up your nutritional game with only a tiny handful of them
  • Which Powders and Algae to use – Comparison of the fresh versus powdered
  • Fruit🍌 Combination guide – There are many categories in which fruits fall, learn how they react with one another.

Oh, and don’t forget I’ve more than a dozen free smoothie recipes here, check them out.


And so much more… This is a small piece of the puzzle!


1 review for Perfect Smoothie🥤 Guide


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  • Mónika Petró-Váradi

    Thumbs up!

    Super detailed guide with clear instructions.
    To make a great smoothie was never easier.

    June 2, 2021

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