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Sprouting and Fermentation of Chickpea for raw HUMMUS🌱

In this detailed recipe and guide in one, you’ll find a detailed list of how to sprout and ferment chickpeas to get the desired consistency for this recipe.

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🌱 Sprouting and Fermentation of Chickpea for Raw HUMMUS🌱


  • Step-by-step instructions of how to sprout the chickpeas, and ferment.
  • The exact ingredient list for the recipe
  • Sparing no details of how to make it exactly this beautiful

Please note that making a recipe like this usually takes a DAY of work! It might seem easy, cause the recipe itself actually is, but the publication on all kinds of platforms takes a lot of work! Thus please do not distribute these pictures to your friends, or to any third parties, alright I know you will. but also send your friends to my website, so they can also support my work, so I can make more awesome recipes just like this one in the future!

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