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How to chocholate?

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Here you'll find my initioal inspritation regarding creating chocholate, and all my previous experiences, and detaild recipes with videos and pictures

Original Inspiritaion

I’ve learned so much from markus’ work and from his books! It was kinda like a nice coincidence that I’ve found out about him, and changed my life ever since… Well long story short, we are here to talk about chochlate, because this is the very 1st recipe I make to all my family members and friends whom I’d like to show that raw food can be just as tasty as the “original”. and would like to give credit to markus’s original chochlate by linking it here.

You’ll find my variations and ideas below

Original Recipe

1 cup Cacao Powder 🍫

1/4 cup Carob Powder

1/2 cup (any) Nutbutter – In the video cashew is used.

1/4 cup Maple Syrup

1/2 cup Coconut Oil 🥥

1 whole Vanilla pod or 1 tsp Vanilla extract 

Any fruit (He used Strawberries 🍓, and do I also think that goes the best with it) of your choice of have it coated with, so it’s not so concentrade, but the recipe is really just this simple, mix it alltogether and you are done.

– Now Markus also makes a mazipan, which I usually just leave out cause I dont have bleanched almonds, and when I do I make cheese 🧀 out of them, but it’s only 2 ingredients again:

1 1/2 Cup Ground Almonds

3 Tbs Maple Syrup

My Thoughts and Ideas

– Sometimes I don’t like to use pure 100% Cacao Powder, and if someone is sensitive to caffeine (yes cacao has caffeine, which I do think in small amount is healthy and is fine) but then replace it with 100% carob in the recipe, like the way I did in this one.

– I always, ALWAYS! like to add a little Ground FLAX Seeds to any recipe I make, it’s so important, highest Omega-3 content on this whole planet, don’t leave it out. 1 Tbp is a minimum, but sometimes I even add 2-3 Tbs, now be also careful not to add to much, cause it thickens up the recipe too much, and also can clog you, but in moderation, it’s really one of the healthiest food, and simultaneously a must have, no excuses! – You will not feel its taste in small amount, so don’t be afraid that I might do wrong to your taste buds.

– This chocolate recipe requres the SWEETENER to be liquid, I don’t always like to use maple syrup, gotta say now it’s really tasty, but it’s also quite fattening, and is rather expensive. If you wanna loose weight go with the 0 kcal trio, either: Erythritol, Monk Fruit, Stevia, I like them all; Also options are just to blend any fruits and make that as your sweetener, in many recipes I blend simple apples🍎 into applesauce and use that instead, just cause it’s the cheaper, and also is less concentrated then pure maplesyrup. Dates (Blend some dates w/ water, and you got your syrup) are also a nice option to do with, I’d rank them somewhere in the middle if you wanted to loose weight (Be careful, they are super addictive, if you bought a pack of dates, most of the times It wont live to see another day :D )

– Regarding the NUTBUTTERS: Cashew is indeed the tastiest I’ve ever had before, but your options are endless here, just as many nuts are out there on the planet, so are many butters: I like to make my own coconutbutter🥥 by blending on high the desiccated coconuts, Peanut🥜 butter. Hazlenut butter, Pumpkin seed butter, Walnut butter, Macademianut butter, Pinenut butter, Poppy seed butter, whatever works really, look around in your kitchen of what you have or can make easily; raw chocolate butter also works, however be careful that its melting point is somewhat higher then the coconuts(24 C) which is between 34-38 C, but can also work nicely

– Cannot leave out the topic of talking about greens🌱 either, just as flax, it’s a must have, a necessity if you will, to have as much greens🌱 with any meal we eat as we can, I most of the times add just 1 Tbs of concentrated dried supergreens🌱, like wheat grass juice powder, Barley grass, Aloe Vera Powder, Spinach Powder, Kale, The list could go on forever, in short: Just add a lill’ of any supergreen🌱 powder you have, or ofc go get out there in the wild, pick your herbs, dry them, blend them, and nothing shall beat the power of those! You will not taste their bitterness in an average variation of chocholate, because the sweetness will suppress them.

– To Be Countinues, the list is long… :)

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Mónika Petró-Váradi

So good to have these recipes. Sweets are not easy to be handled with moderation. Due to the benefits maybe less is enough for the body without wanting more. Is it possible to eliminate craving with this healthy option?

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