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👇 To Protein or not to Protein? 💪

My Thoughts

We all have that guy, too often, asking “where do you get your protein from” lol
🧡 I felt like writing it all together in a picture!
❤️ I just got tired of writing novels every other day, I guess many of us are having this same feeling when talking to friends / whomever on this topic…
💛 – This is my experience only, try to experiment with what works the best for you and what doesn’t!
🧡– This is the way I look at protein, in this order of importance, more or less:


💜 I suggest an average person consume 45-50g protein/day, if you tryhard work out, a bit more is fine, but otherwise, it really isn’t helping, it unnecessarily puts too much pressure on the body.
💜 Nr.1 leafy greens! ~ approx. 25g / 200 kcal
– Eat as much as you can with any dish!
– Grow your own microgreens and sprouts!
– Sea veggies as well – must have!
💜 Nr.2 Legumes! ~ approx. 25g / 100g (dry)
– I’d suggest eating them sprouted raw
– lentils and chickpeas are the best to sprout
– many others work too!
💜 Nr.3 Nuts & Seeds! – approx. 20-30g / 100 g – in avg.
– always soak your nuts and seeds!
– preferably even sprout ‘em!
💜 Nr.4 Algae! – 64% of them are amino acids!
– Green and blue algae
– Chlorella – has natural growth hormone!
– Spirulina
💜 Nr.5 Extra ideas: Pine and bee pollen, even some fruits, like berries, durian, kiwi, sprouted wild rice, sprouted grains, any sprouts…, olives, mushrooms, nutritional yeast, etc…
💙 TL;DR – all the plants found in nature have enough protein!
💜also btw all plants are a complete protein with all the amino acids, no exceptions

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